Waiting For MGM Springfield – Less Than A Month To Go Now!

If you’re like me, I’ll bet you’re excited, and odds are you are super-jazzed! Yup, we’re about to hit the jackpot!

OK, OK, enough with the silly gaming puns, I suppose. But seriously, this is one blogger whom you can color eager and fantastically curious. And if you ask me, I’ve every reason to be.

For literally years now, we’ve seen and heard countless news items about the tremendous new MGM Springfield entertainment complex…coming in 2018. How far-off that once seemed. And for years, we’ve watched the construction underway in Springfield center, as first I-91 was diverted and then the construction got underway in earnest. But when we started hearing about MGM’s hiring fairs, and when a couple of friends and acquaintances of mine were interviewed and hired, it really hit home. This is happening soon!

The truth is, I’m only a slightly more than casual fan of playing casino-style games. But my constant companion is thrilled by the ringing bells/flashing lights and the clatter of coins in the chute. And, hey, on a few occasions (to a state slightly to our south that shall remain nameless) we’ve won more than enough shekels to pay for dinner, and one time, our accommodations too! So, I more than understand the appeal of pursuing the payoff.

But I think what’s really got me tingling with anticipation is just the sheer, incredible variety of sights, sounds and tastes that MGM Springfield promises. For one, this place is going to be big. The gaming floor alone will have 2,500 slot machines. Wow! There’ll be nearly 100 other gaming tables, and a poker room, too. There’ll even be a high-limit area for the VIP-type gamers. (people-watching, anyone?)

And the entertainment options are big-league, too. Need an example? September 1, none other than Stevie Wonder is coming to town. (mic drop) And that’s just one, one of the huge stars who’ll be playing MGM Springfield. (DISCLAIMER: I am an immense Stevie Wonder fan) It’s going to be great to have a series national headliners performing at the MassMutual Center.

Like movies? How about their seven (count ‘em!) SEVEN movie theaters? Or, work on your golf swing. Or go bowling. Or check out the arcade! There’s cool stuff to see and do around every corner.

Eats? Oh yeah, this place has dining options galore. There’ll be a high-end steak house (The Chandler Steak House), a sophisticated Italian bistro (Cal Mare, honoring the neighborhood nicely, along with the South End Market) plus Taps Sports Bar and plenty of other choices. The Plaza is something that really piques my interest, too. This is a very intriguing outdoor dining and entertainment district. Again, this is outdoors! I just can’t wait to see it all.

Fans of fine mixology can choose from three super-hip indoor bars. The Commonwealth Bar & Lounge, the Lobby Bar and the Knox Bar promise high-level amenities and distinctive vibes.

And of course, if you decide to make a night of it (or two) the MGM Springfield Hotel brings 252 new rooms and suites to the city center, with spectacular views of Western Mass a sure thing.

So, I’m not sure where you’ll be on August 24, but I’ve sure got that date circled on my calendar. MGM Springfield is bringing a whole new game to town, and I’m wagering it’s going to be an experience well worth the wait.