Set on the grounds of historic Frederick Law Olmsted Park, constructed by the landscaper in in the mid-19th century. Your dining experience will take place in the former Union Station, designed by renowned architect, Henry Hobson Richardson. The thirty-foot ceilings and high brick arches make the space feel open, but the friendly atmosphere and collection of train and railroad memorabilia keep our dining hall feeling cozy and warm.

The private lot is just off of Main Street in the heart of Palmer, and visitors are immediately sent back in time as they reach the original Palmer Union Station dirt road. The building is the final stop on Depot Road, and is wedged between two rail lines with trains coming and going all day long. Families are welcome to roam the grounds, watch the trains, and experience our onsite Heritage Museum. This open-air museum features a variety of vintage transportation, including a 1909 New Haven Railroad passenger car, an 1890 Wells Fargo hotel-style Stagecoach, a 1920s Pumper car, various sleighs and wagons, and a gorgeous 1915 Porter Steam Locomotive & Tender.