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Western Mass is the gateway to New England’s leaf-peeping routes! Visitors from all around the world come to Western Mass to see the colors of fall and to experience a New England Autumn season. October is considered the peak of the season, so now is the time to make your leaf-peeping route plans.

Map your Western Mass leaf-peeping routes and see attractions along the way!

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Jacobs Ladder Scenic Byway

This 35-mile segment of Route 20, known as Jacob’s Ladder Scenic Byway, starts at the Russell/Westfield town line and ends in the Southern Berkshires. This route guided native Americans of the Mohican and Woronoake tribes as they navigated the countryside. It makes a great road trip because, in addition to the beautiful foliage, you can stop and visit the Norman Rockwell Museum and end with shopping for winter gear at Lee Premium Outlets!

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Skinner Mountain

If you are coming north from the southern half of the state, this is an ideal route for you. It’s a straight shot through Western Mass. If you make a turn onto Route 47 you will find the Summit House on Skinner Mountain. Summit House overlooks Western Mass, giving you a spectacular view of the foliage. Also, 91-north and south are the most convenient ways to access most of the breweries on our beer trail map. Cheers to fall with a spiked cider or a seasonal craft beer in-hand

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The Quabbin Reservoir

If you prefer to venture to the east of the Connecticut River, take I-291 and stop at the Lupa Zoo in Ludlow or Iron Duke Brewery. Then continue your journey east on US 202 to the picturesque Quabbin Reservoir. The Quabbin Reservoir offers stunning scenery. You can stop and take a hike or a short stroll to the Quabbin Observation Tower for a full view of the colors of fall.

We hope no matter what route you take, you incorporate the fun stops along the way and embrace the beauty of Western Mass!