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Catching the chills? Why not the thrills? If you’re from New England, chances are you grew up enjoying outdoor activities in the cold weather, and if you’re from a warmer climate, doesn’t a cozy sweater sound suitable for a change? The months after the holidays can be a drag, so get off your chair and get some fresh air!

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Forest Park -

Once Bright Night’s takes down the lights, Forest Park has two areas for sledding and tubing. The Amphitheater (only safe when covered in snow) and Barney Hill are adjacent to each other, switch on and off hills!  It doesn’t end there, bring your snowshoes and cross country skis because during the day there are plenty of trails to be found and snow-covered areas in the park.

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Berkshire East Mountain Resort -

If the hills of Forest Park don’t fit your fancy and you need a more extreme experience, then Berkshire East is the place. Snow tubing is an excellent activity if skiing isn’t your thing.  Tickets are available at the West Lodge. The Snow Tubing Center is on the far-right side of the mountain. No need to check the weather report because Berkshire East ensures the mountain will always be efficiently covered in snow (snow-making machines).

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MGM Springfield Ice Rink –

The Plaza at MGM Springfield turned into an ice rink for the second time this year. The   45 by 76-foot ice skating rink is open to all guests of all ages. Enjoy the music and occasional “pop-up” entertainment. If you do not know how to skate, private lessons by professionals are available for $35 per 20mins. The ice rink will be open until January 27th, 2020 and will return next year.

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Northfield Mountain Recreation and Environmental Center –

Before venturing off to Northfield Mountain, make sure to check their Ski-report. Since the mountain does not make snow, they rely on Mother Nature. One of the unique activities permitted is “Fat-biking” through the ski trails. Fat Biking is the sport of using a mountain bike to go downhill in the snow. Tires must be 3 1/2 inches wide and tire studs are recommended. Other available winter activities include skiing, hiking (spikes recommended) and snowshoeing.