Molly’s Profile

1. Years in Western Mass?

32 years

2. Day job?

Senior Specialist of Public Affairs and Community Relations, Baystate Health

3. Interests & Hobbies?

Running (distance races and trail running are my favorite but I can be talked into just about anything), obstacle course racing, convincing my daughter to join me on hikes, pairing craft beer & cookies (don’t knock it ‘til you try it), reading, listening to podcasts, mentoring & volunteering, playing softball and watching baseball.

4. What’s one thing visitors need to know about Western Mass?

Whatever your interests are, we most likely have it in driving distance. In one day you can go zip lining, visit multiple art museums, sit under a waterfall, walk through city streets and enjoy excellent food, drinks and live music. And when it comes to outdoor recreation, we’ve got it all, whether you are a seasoned athlete or want to try something new. The accessibility to such a wide variety of experiences is unique, and makes Western Mass a truly exciting place to visit.

molly macmunn

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