8 Ways to Support Local Business in Western Mass

Western Mass has banded together to support businesses in the area, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Small business is big business when it comes to the well-being of our economy and society. They bring unique vibes and services to surrounding communities in addition to providing employment for many of our friends and neighbors.

During this unprecedented health crisis, remember to support our local, independent and small businesses! Here’s how:


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1. Plan a Western Mass Staycation For When This is Over -

Stay in a local hotel, visit local attractions and eat out.

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2. Shop Local but Shop Online -

Breweries, restaurants, markets and gift shops are offering curbside pick-up! Also, small retailers (gift shops, boutiques, coffee shops, bookstores) are offering online purchase and delivery. Now is a great time to get that birthday gift or even shop early for Christmas!

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3. Get Social -

Like, comment and share posts from your favorite local businesses.
This helps them reach an even wider audience.

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4. Stay Healthy –

“This too shall pass” and when it does…let’s all be ready. Take care of your physical and mental health while you’re home.  Log onto an online yoga class or catch a workout posted by your local gym.  Lots of local gyms are posting at-home workouts.  Post your results on social media, tag your gym and tag your friends.  Maybe even challenge them to do the same!

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5. Pay it Forward –

If you’re able, prepay your hairdresser for services you’ll need in the future.  This helps them weather the storm and ensures that you’ll have that appointment waiting when this is over.

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6. Acknowledge Your Neighbors who Provide Essential Services–

Make hearts for the windows of your home, chalk art on the sidewalks or simply post on your social media accounts.  Healthcare workers, pharmacy attendants, grocery store clerks and other workers providing essential services are truly on the frontline of this crisis, so every little thing you do matters.

blog support stay in touch

7. Stay in Touch With Others –

Clearly no one is going to get together due to the circumstances, however using your technical skills you can FaceTime or use a meeting platform to enjoy Happy Hour with people you haven’t seen in days, weeks, months or even years!  Liquor stores are considered essential services, so visit your neighborhood store, mix a cocktail and catch up with friends.

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8. Refer a Friend –

Now more than ever we have the means to share information in a matter of seconds to thousands of people but the old word of mouth (digitally of course) is always useful. So next time you are skyping with friends or family, mention a business and the options on how to support them (gift card, curbside pick-up, online order).

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