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Western New England University, Summer Exploration

August 5 - August 16

Western New England University Pre-college Summer Programs are a unique opportunity for high school students to explore STEM topics and career paths, guided by industry experts who will advise participants on a personal level. Our programs have a hands-on philosophy that allows students to discover new ideas, dive deeper into their interests, and take a glimpse into what the future may hold for them. Students will come away from this exciting experience with meaningful knowledge, an invigorated focus, and a new network of like-minded peers.

Music Production and the Coding Behind It
Sessions 1 and 2
Whether you are a budding composer, music producer, or technology whiz, Music Production and the Coding Behind It will equip you with the skills to take your craft to the next level. This explorative program uses technology that will change how you create and think about music and provides the tools to help you push the boundaries of music and technological culture.

You will learn programming in the ChucK computer language, which is used for real-time sound synthesis and music creation. You’ll design digital instruments and original compositions and experiment with music that doesn’t yet exist. The possibilities for innovation are endless and you will be on the front lines of the future of music.

Students may opt to take this as a one-week experience, starting in either the first or second weeks of the program. Students who wish to enhance their experiences with a two-week session can enroll for both weeks and will progress to more advanced coding topics during their second week of experience. REGISTER NOW

CSI: Western New England
Session 1
Do you want to become a real-life Crime Scene Investigator and solve clues to uncover the culprit? CSI: Western New England will put you at the scene of a mock crime, where you’ll learn to conduct a thorough investigation and collect and analyze evidence to identify a perpetrator. Not only will you view a criminal investigation through the eyes of forensic scientist, but you’ll actually get to investigate your own crime scene through the four areas of forensics; trace evidence, serology and patterned evidence, ballistics, and biometrics.

Students may opt to take this as a one-session stand-alone experience, or as a two-week joint course with Trial Skills, where you will take the collected evidence and build a case in court. REGISTER NOW

Trial Skills
Session 2
If you see yourself as a high-powered attorney defending your clients in the court of law and bringing criminals to justice, then Trial Skills is the perfect place to have your first day in court. After learning how to prepare a case for trial and how to deliver an opening statement, closing argument, and direct and cross examinations, students will be divided into teams of prosecutors and defense attorneys, who present the case to a jury with an exciting mock trial in our own model courtroom to end the course.

Students may opt to take this as a one-week stand-alone experience, or as a two-week joint course with CSI: Western New England, which is the perfect segue to take the evidence you’ve collected and bring it all to court. .  REGISTER NOW

Introduction to STEM and Robotics
Session 2
If the idea of engineering and working with your hands to build an innovative prototype excites you, then this is the place to put your innovative mind and technical know-how to the test! Based on the “hackerspace” concept (which challenges students to build something useful from various components that are provided) this workshop is project-based and hands-on. You’ll learn how to build electronic circuits using various sensors and actuators, interface them to a microcontroller and program the microcontroller to perform specific tasks, and finally to design your own project. . REGISTER NOW

Interested in learning about the field of Pharmacy? Apply for a spot in our FREE week-long summer camp experience for high school students who want to learn about careers in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences through hands-on learning experiences.

JUNE 24–28, 2019 8:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (lunch is provided)
The day camp is open to high school students who demonstrate strong academic skills and an interest in pharmacy or the pharmaceutical sciences. A goal of this camp is to share this opportunity with as many different students possible. As such, students may only attend this camp one time. We will enroll Juniors and Seniors first, then underclassmen. We typically enroll 50 students for the week-long day camp.



August 5
August 16


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